Supported by the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists,
Australian Contaminated Land Consultants Association
and Henry Davis York 

25 May 2017 - Sydney

Contaminated land - Emerging Pollutants and Property Transactions is specifically aimed at assisting land owners, environmental professionals and others dealing in contaminated land management to get them up to speed on the current issues. This seminar will cover:

  • PFOS, PFOA and PFAS analysis, new HLS and ELS criteria, management and treatment methods, solid and liquid
  • Impact of the proposed new Contaminated Land Guidelines for the NSW Site Auditor scheme
  • A legal review of property transactions and need for proper contamination assessment
  • A land owers' issues in dealing with contaminated sites
  • Measurement - a laboratory's advice for soil and liquid sampling and analysis
  • Ongoing developments in asbestos management and asbestos waste issues and regulation
  • Contaminated soil management options – reuse, landfill, containment and dealing with hazardous soils
  • Managing contaminated soils under NSW’s new waste legislation

The conference's agenda includes:

  • Anthea White, Contaminated Land Section and Matthew James, Hazardous Incidents and Environmental Health, EPA
    Contaminated land regulatory issues – Contaminated Sites Compliance Statement, Auditor Guidelines and PFAS investigations
  • Carl Strautins, Director, Safe Environments
    An occupational hygienists views on dealing with asbestos impacted sites and disposal of asbestos waste and emerging pollutants
  • Liz Wild, Partner, Henry Davis York
    A legal perspective on contaminated land property transactions
  • Stephan Pawelczyk, Peter Ramsay and Associates
    Advice to purchasers and vendors in assessing contaminated land
  • Marc Centner, Technical Manager, ALS Environmental
    Advice on sampling and analysis requirements for soils and aqueous phase focusing on common and emerging pollutants
  • Cameron McLean and Andrew Thomas, Enviropacific
    PFASs, their detection and management options
  • Bruce Kennedy, Program Leader, CRC CARE
    PFAS Guidance development through CRC CARE
  • Mitchell Hastings, Manager Victoria, Hydroflux
    Wastewater systems design issues for PFAS removal on a variety of inffluents
  • Andrew Doig, ASBG
    Issues for contaminated land management including asbestos waste management

This conference is sponsored by Henry Davis York (HDY)

Date: Thursday 25 May 2017
Time: 8.20am (Registrations) for 8:55 am to 4.40 pm
Venue: Henry Davis York, L10, 44 Martin Place Sydney
Cost: $395 (ASBG, ACLA & AIOH Members, and HDY clientele) or $495 (Non Members)

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