23 June 2017 - Sydney

Asbestos contamination has two speeds, one on-site and the other for off-site waste classification and management.  From a scientific perspective there are large differences. This seminar is designed to assist in: 

  • Avoiding confusion with the multitude of rules on asbestos on-site and off-site management 
  • Linking WHS, contaminated land, waste management and occupational hygiene disciplines
  • Doing it efficiently and properly to reduce exposures
  • Discussing the hard issues in the management of asbestos waste and asbestos materials

Speakers represent a broad cross section of disciplines, which have a role to play in asbestos management, along with the main regulators to provide a holistic view of asbestos management in NSW. To optimise the removal of asbestos requires multiple disciplines which need to work together to achieve the best outcomes.  Unfortunately there many sub-optimal actions, processes and rules that require on-going improvements.   The seminar will also discuss emerging issues with the management of asbestos waste and asbestos containing materials including:

  • Various regulatory approaches to asbestos management in NSW
  • Asbestos waste issues – definitions, enforcement, available disposal services and transport and costs
  • Management of ACM and asbestos impacted contaminated soils with under contaminated site requirements
  • Leaving asbestos on a contaminated site, capping and clean up requirements
  • Definitions of what constitutes asbestos free material especially for recycled materials
  • Appropriate thresholds for asbestos waste and what is not asbestos waste
  • Recycled wastes and asbestos contamination – use of quality systems for screening
  • Providing the community with confidence that proper asbestos management will minimise risks

This seminar seeks to improve NSW's approach to asbestos management with help from the combination of the various disciples, rule makers and other professionals.

This conference is sponsored by Henry Davis York (HDY) and supported by the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists (AIOH).

Date: Friday 23 June 2017
Time: 8.20am (Registrations) for 8:30 am to 4.40 pm
Venue: Henry Davis York, L10, 44 Martin Place Sydney
Cost: $395 (ASBG, AIOH Members, and HDY clientele) or $495 (Non Members)

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